Achieve Customer Breakthrough

Opportunity Development Services
VPPerform's opportunity development services aim to better position your specific capabilities in the customer's business landscape early on in the sales cycle. Our unique method (CSVP), developed specifically for this purpose, is based on an independent outside-in view by taking customer value spaces (customer relevant topics for shared value creation) as a starting position for any proposal.

CSVP is a method developed by VPPerform that provides a practical tool for measuring and monitoring opportunity development strengths and weaknesses from the customer's perspective.

In combination with the C-level experience and competence of VPPerform, CSVP is a strong tool for improving the effectiveness of the opportunity development plan, for building differentiating win- win strategies, and for helping to prioritize sales efforts. Identifying potentially missing Customer Value Spaces is an integral part of CSVP.

achieve a breakthrough

Added Value

Establish a customer breakthrough
Position your differentiating capabilities in the identified customer value spaces and achieve a breakthrough.

Increased effectiveness of Opportunity Development Planning
Taking the customer's perspective on risks and value creation will focus development efforts and result in a more effective plan.

Early opportunity qualification
Early identification and structured development of the opportunity will allow for early and effective opportunity qualification.

Win-Win strategy
A win-win strategy taking the customer's perspective (independently developed by VPPerform) will be available early on in the process.